Hello, I'm Camelia Vasile.

My one and only purpose is to help you navigate the puzzling marketing labyrinth. You have accumulated knowledge, you know you can deliver it, but you can't get it out there? From setting up your social media accounts, emailing sequences, automating your delivery funnels and setting up your membership site, I can guide and teach you how to do it with seamless ease. I'm not a tech wizzard, and I was in the same place like you not so long ago, so I will explain it to you step-by-step, with simple visual techniques, through my unique 7-step method: The Automation Pilot Master Switch™. 

My Story


The continuous thread of my life is "New Beginnings".

Over and over again.

I'm the living proof that in one's live, the only constant is change. #immigrant

At 46 I left behind a successful marketing and PR business in Europe, moved to Australia and started life from ground zero with my husband and three children. I became a digital nomad at 48, built and launched several websites, both e-commerce and services, failed and raised again, learned from my mistakes and re-built everything from scratch until I got it right. 

If you're a digital immigrant, like me, you probably know that the digital natives can't possibly understand where we are coming from. Every course I took on how to automate my online business and make my life easier seemed to start at lesson no 5.

 But I made it work, built my funnels, automated the hell out of them, figured out how to work less than 15 hours a week and still bring in the dough to support my family! So I made my purpose to help other late bloomers navigate the puzzling digital marketing labyrinth and automate their business with seamless ease.

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